• Scrap Chat: The Value of ISRI Family

  • ISRI Vice President of Membership Brianna Gianti and Kripke Vice President Marvin Finklestein, co-chair of ISRI's Membership Committee, join the latest edition of Scrap Chat to talk about value. The value of being a member of ISRI, how the networking and resources help take both companies and individuals to the next level, and the family atmosphere that ISRI members share. Marvin uses his own personal experiences to talk about the bonds that tie ISRI members together. Brianna provides an overview of how during a difficult year for most trade associations ISRI thrived and had one of its best years ever in terms of membership growth. She cites some of the reasons that recycling companies are turning to ISRI including the resources tied to the pandemic, virtual learning and training opportunities, and a way to stay connected.

    Interested in learning more about how ISRI can help your company and employees grow? Visit www.isri.org/join.

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