• Scrap Chat: Recycling in a World of Covid

  • Recycling is essential and so are the working men and women who power this industry. The scrap recycling industry and ISRI members have done a good job following and adapting to the guidelines and expectations that the CDC, OSHA, and other state & local governments have put on them in regards to Covid. With that said, we are not out of the woods or finished with the COVID-19 virus. We all need to stay vigilant and pay attention to the fluidity of the situation.

    Vice President of Safety Tony Smith joins this episode of Scrap Chat to discuss what EHS managers and others in the industry should be aware of when dealing with Covid in the workplace from a safety perspective. Tony also explains what resources ISRI for Covid and safety in general along with a number of other places recyclers can seek information.

    Smith was just promoted to vice president after 8 years at ISRI. In this podcast he also discusses his vision for the safety program and what to expect in 2021.

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