• Protecting Your Business from Its’ Biggest Threat, Cyberattack

    Even with the best cybersecurity defenses in place, things can still go wrong, and employees make mistakes. Businesses can never be 100% secure, and when an attack happens, you want to make sure your organization is prepared and has the steps in place to recover. Learn more about recent claims trends and take a look at how cyberattacks have changed over the past year. Ransomware, phising, and business email compromise attacks are on the rise and it is imperative to understand the potential threats your business faces and steps you can take to mitigate your risk. In addition, hear about the solution ISRI is offering to help protect your business before, during, and after an attack. Download Materials Here Moderator:
    • Commodor Hall, Senior Safety Director, ISRI
    • Edward Kangeter IV, CEO, CASS, Inc.
    • Richard Gatz, Claims Counsel, Coalition
    • George J Forrester III, CIC, Partner, AHT Insurance
    • Megan K. Griffanti, CLCS, Account Manager, AHT Insurance
    • Nidhi Turakhia, Executive Vice President, Allied Alloys
    • Mylon Staton, President/CEO, Datalink Interactive, Inc.

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