• Managing Superfund Risk: the SREA Exemption & ISRI SREA Reports

    Risk is a part of the business. How a company handles risk or prepares for risk can result in costly errors or a successful payout. Risk management involves asking questions and evaluating what you know—and what you don’t know—about a potential partner, buyer, or consumer. Risk management tools can help recycling companies determine and mitigate such risks. One such risk management tool that ISRI offers is the ISRI SREA report. In this webinar, we will identify a key risk management tool: the ISRI SREA report. Through the ISRI Reasonable Care Compliance Program, ISRI SREA reports provide ‘reasonable care,’ due diligence on a potential business partner’s compliance with environmental regulations. Hear from ISRI members on how they have incorporated ISRI SREA reports in their overall risk management strategy and their experience with purchasing and using the report. A Q&A session will follow. Speakers Wesley Fleming, Keramida, Inc. Jeff Crowe, Schupan & Sons, Inc. Matthew Kripke, Kripke Enterprises, Inc. Barry Wolff, Charleston Steel & Metal Co.

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