• Keep it in the Family – Selling Your Business to the Next Generation

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    The complex dynamics of a multi-generational family-run business can be both a blessing and a curse.  How do families grapple with asking the older generation to step down from the day-to-day operation and take on a more senior role?  What if the senior members of the team want to let go, but aren’t sure the younger ones are ready to assume command?  The interplay of this dynamic can be fraught with tension and uncertainty and doing it right takes careful planning and execution.  In this session recording, you’ll hear from experts who will discuss how to develop a succession plan and how to ensure this plan fits the needs of the company.  You’ll learn how to conduct a business valuation and the steps involved in preparing a company for sale.  After watching, you’ll be armed with the information to figure out where you stand and whether selling or a transition plan is right for you.

    Presentations for Vincent Pappalardo and Andrew Pappas are available for download.

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