• ISRI2021: Environmental Justice - What Is It and Why Is It Important

  • Environmental justice is not a new concept, but it is one that has gained increased importance this year as the Biden Administration and many states have committed to improving the environment and public health in people of color, indigenous, and low-income communities across the country. But what exactly is Environmental Justice? And given that many recyclers are located within overburdened and vulnerable communities, how do recyclers the historic and contemporary EJ issues facing their industry? Join us for a discussion with Matthew Tejada, who is leading EPA’s efforts to advance EJ, working with communities, other EPA divisions, federal agencies, academic partners, business and industry, and state, local and tribal partners.


    Robin Wiener
    President, ISRI

    Mathew S. Tejeda, Ph.D.
    Director of Office of Environmental Justince, EPA

    Dan Garvin
    President, Colorado Iron & Metal, Inc.

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