• ISRI Tool Tips - Fight or Flee?

    TRANSCRIPT: I’m Kenn Kunze with IC Fire Prevention. There’s a fire! Do I fight or flee? How do I make that decision? Trust your gut. Your gut will tell you when you’re in danger. Actually, my gut just tells me when I’m hungry. It’s your brain that tells you when you’re in danger. Before you can make an argument, before you can come up with words to describe why you feel the way you do, your brain has calculated all of your life experiences and the situation you’re in right now and based on real information, it’s telling you you’re in danger. Trust it! Later, you might be able to make a spreadsheet about of the pros and cons of this situation and discover you’re in danger. But since you can’t do that in an emergency, always trust your gut. I see fire prevention through the eyes of a fire chief, and you should, too.

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