• ISRI Tool Tip - What’s This About Pile Size?

    TRANSCRIPT: I’m Kenn Kunze with IC Fire Prevention. What’s all this about pile size and separation distances and how do I know? Well, there’s certainly regulations and most of them are found on the local level. You should really look into the materials that you’re storing and if there are required separation distances. But it’s all based on good science. A big pile of pallets needs more separation than a little pile of pallets, right? But it even comes down to location of a pile. Valuable equipment should never be stored near combustible materials. And even valuable equipment next to valuable equipment. Think about the way you park your trucks at night. Can one truck fire turn into five truck fires by spreading down a line of trucks? Think about separation. I see fire prevention through the eyes of a fire chief, and I think you should, too.

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