• ISRI Tool Tip - Using a Class-D Fire Extinguisher

    TRANSCRIPT: I’m Kenn Kunze with IC Fire Prevention. Do you have one of these? Do you intend for your employees to put out a combustible metals fire with a class-d fire extinguisher? If you do, let’s talk. This long handle was intended to hold the horn out over the fire, and drop the powder directly on the fire, and if you put a thick powder coating on top of the combustible metal, you might be able to extinguish it. But if you had a gaylord full of titanium turnings, you’d have to have your hands over and your face near that 3,000-degree fire. My recommendation to you is that you store combustible metals outside away from ignition sources, maybe in a shipping container. If a fire occurs tell the fire department about the hazards and do not get your employees involved. I see fire prevention through the eyes of a fire chief, and I think you should, too.

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