• ISRI Tool Tip - How to Read a Fire Extinguisher

    TRANSCRIPT: I’m Kenn Kunze with IC Fire Prevention. What does all this mean? Well, we know that these symbols tell you that this fire extinguisher will put out class-a ordinary combustible and class-b flammable liquids, and that it’s safe for you to use around electricity. But what those little numbers? What is a 2A 10B fire extinguisher? 2A and 10B tells you how much of each of those classes of material that this fire extinguisher can put out. A 2B fire extinguisher is equal to two and a half gallons of water, one and a quarter gallons per number. 10B means that it would put out a 10 square foot area of flammable liquids. Bottom line is you need to know what this fire extinguisher can do before a fire starts. I see fire prevention through the eyes of a fire chief, and you should, too.

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