• ISRI 2020 Shredder Operations Forum Day Two

  • Take part in two recorded facility tours of two very different shredders, Tri State Iron and Metal’s facility in Arkansas and SA Recycling’s Terminal Island facility in California.

    Virtual Facility Tour of Tri-State Iron & Metal Company

    Tri-State Iron and Metal is a 3rd generation shredding facility owned and operated by the Glick family. Established in 1947 by Morde Glick, Tri-State Iron & Metal is still located in its original location in Texarkana, AR. Installed in 2008 and fully online in 2009, Tri-State’s shredder is a Harris Shredder HS-80115, with a 3,000 horsepower drive system, capable of 70-80 tons per hour. This shredder is completely upgradeable to achieve an even higher throughput rate. Tri-State is able to process any type of material, no matter how large or small. Learn more about Tri-State Iron and Metal and this facility.

    Virtual Tour Guide: Rick McCloskey, COO, Tri-State Iron & Metal Company

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    Questions and Answers with Session Speakers

    Virtual Facility Tour of SA Recycling

    SA Recycling’s Terminal Island facility has been serving the public and industry since 1962. Located in the Port of Los Angeles, this facility holds a 9,000-horsepower Mega Shredder that turns a car into hand-sized pieces of recyclable materials in 10 seconds, which has increased production between 250 to 400 tons per hour.

    From the Shredder downstream, ferrous and nonferrous materials are sorted through various types of magnetic separation techniques. This technology enables the separation of additional commodities like aluminum, copper, and insulated copper wire (ICW). The process continues as a 144-ton fully electric crane loads the recyclables directly into shipping vessels for international export. This facility operates a state of the art water treatment system that permits the operations to use recycled water. Learn more about SA Recycling and this facility.

    Virtual Tour Guide: Moises Figueroa, Regional General Manager, Terminal Island Yard, SA Recycling

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    Moderator: Adam Dumes, Vice President, Cohen Recycling

    Speakers: Rick McCloskey, COO, Tri-State Iron & Metal Company
    Moises Figueroa, Regional General Manager, Terminal Island Yard, SA Recycling

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