• Fall 2020 Virtual ISEC Conference: November 10

  • Industry Fire & Li Ion Battery Issues
    Tuesday, November 10
    Focused on fires and batteries, attendees can expect discussions on the trends in battery technology and current legislative efforts to mitigate fire risks, as well as taking a look at resources and best practices for managing discarded lithium batteries in the recycling and waste supply chain. The presentation will also include highlights from the recently released ISRI/SWANA/NWRA joint publication: Guide for Developing Lithium Battery Management Practices at Materials Recovery Facilities. Attendees will explore the explosion in lithium battery usage and how that has led to actual explosions (and fires) at recycling facilities, and gain perspective of what the industry has been doing about it.
    Report Out on Industry Fire Issues & Programming from ISRI’s Fire Working Group 
    Tuesday, November 10
    To gain a better understanding on what the industry is doing to combat and prevent fires attendees can expect a review of the current state of fire prevention and responses within the recycling industry, and be able to identify how these facility fires can impact community relations and lead to environmental justice issues. Gain insight and answers to what ISRI and recyclers are doing to pinpoint the cause of the fires and how ISRI and recyclers are reacting to it when it happens. Leave with an understanding on the progress of ISRI’s fire outreach team and what new resources are being directed towards fire safety education and training materials for scrap recycling and MRF facilities.
    Thank you to our sponsor KPA
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