• Fall 2020 Nickel/Stainless Spotlight Sponsored by SciAps

    Session Stainless scrap market participants continue to contend with a long list of market challenges. From heightened nickel and commodity price volatility to declining stainless steel production in the U.S. and Europe, and the surge in stainless output in China and Indonesia, global market certainly has seldom been more pronounced. As the global stainless steel market continues to rebalance, listen to ISRI’s Nickel/Stainless Spotlight in order to identify the nickel and stainless steel scrap markets of the future and how to stay ahead of the competition. Moderator: Nidhi Turakhia, Allied Alloys Speakers: Hitesh Agrawal, Jindal Stainless; Natalie Scott-Gray, FC Stone ; Sean Davidson, Davis Index Download Presentations Thank you to Spotlight sponsor SciAps

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