• Fall 2020 Copper Spotlight Sponsored by SDI LaFarga Copperworks

    Although copper prices got off to a rough start in 2020, prices for the red metal began to rebound at the start of the third quarter as manufacturing reports from the key global economies showed signs of an early recovery. But the uptick in refined copper prices hasn’t always resulted into better scrap market conditions, especially in light of market uncertainty and new import regulations in China. Key issues for this panel discussion include the future for domestic copper and copper alloy scrap supply, which developing markets overseas will help to compensate for the shortfall in Chinese demand, and which manufacturing sectors hold out the most promise for increased copper and copper scrap use. Moderator: Brian Shine, Manitoba Corp Speakers: Jason Schenker, Prestige Economics; Janet Sander, Encore Wire; Dhawal Shah, METCO Marketing (INDIA) Download Presentation Thank you to Copper Spotlight Sponsor SDI LaFarga Copperworks

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