• COVID-19: The Impact on Recycling Podcast – Change Management

  • Darrell Kendall, executive director of RIOS, discusses change management in the world of COVID-19. Change management is the process of planning for changes within a facility. Under normal circumstances this would include things like: the addition of new equipment, significant changes to procedures, addition of new material streams, etc. The purpose of having a procedure around change management is to ensure that all QEHS risks and impacts have been considered, evaluated and controlled where necessary, that the change is being communicate properly to all necessary stakeholders, and that senior management understands the implications and the resources necessary to effectively implement the change. In the case of COVID-19 this is especially important for a variety of reasons: 1) Information is changing rapidly and changes are happening often, 2)those changes need to be properly vetted, and risks and impacts to need be fully considered before the change is rolled out, 3) Senior management needs to understand the changes, support them, and provide the necessary resources, and 4) the change must be effectively communicated to all affected stakeholders. Without a plan for doing these things, we are flying by the seat of our pants. Kendall gets into details on some of the key issues recyclers are facing and important factors to take into consideration when implementing changes.

    More information on this topic and RIOS can be found here.

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