• COVID-19 Scrap Recycling Industries Getting Back to Work

    This Town Hall features an open discussion of strategies for maximizing worker & public safety as the country returns to work.
    Included topics are:
    • Assessing state and local requirements and conditions;
    • Retail operations in a pre-vaccine world;
    • Potential startup hazards associated with dormant operations;
    • Impact on traditional safety programs; and
    • Post COVID-19 persistent concerns.
    Sarah Willcutts, Andersens Sales & Salvage Inc.; Felipe Guerra Sierra Recycling & Demolition, Inc.; Tamara Deiro, SA Recycling LLC; Jerry Heitman, Sadoff Iron & Metal Co.; Jerry Sjogren, EL Harvey & Sons; Danielle Waterfield, ISRI; Scott Wiggins, ISRI

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