• EHS – Lockout Tagout Try Out

    If you are servicing a piece of equipment, it's critical that it is shut off and all sources of power are released. Learn about Lockout, Tagout, try Out (LOTOTO) in the... more

  • EHS – Confined Spaces

    The recycled materials industry can take us to some interesting places. Sometimes these areas are hard to get into or out of. Places that might not be designed for... more

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

    Recycled materials facilities are busy places. That is why it is important to dress for safety. Listen to these important PPE tips and remember to operate safely, or not... more


  • ISRI EHS Calendar: October 2022

    The October EHS Calendar focuses on fire safety as we observe Fire Prevention Month. Areas of focus for October include: ISRI fire management resources; OSHA... more

  • ISRI EHS Calendar: August 2022

    The August EHS Calendar focuses on Personal Protective Equipment, and it is also National Back to School Month. Areas of focus for August include: Refrigerant... more

  • ISRI EHS Calendar: June 2022

    The June EHS Calendar focuses on Mobile Equipment, Pedestrian Safety, and ISRI Safety Stand Down. June is National Safety Month. Areas of focus for June include: ... more

  • ISRI EHS Calendar: April 2022

    The April EHS Calendar focuses on Emergency Action Plans. April is also Distracted Driving Awareness Month. Areas of focus for April include: Environmental... more

  • ISRI EHS Calendar: March 2022

    The March EHS Calendar focuses on National Nutrition Month, Lockout / Tagout / Tryout, and Machine Guarding. Areas of focus for March include: Radiation Safety... more

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