• 2019 Youth Video and Poster Contest Winners

  • The 2019 Youth Video & Poster Contest with JASON Learning was designed to promote the value of recycling among youth. Fourth grade students Nimisha Kasliwal and Asher Hardis from Hilltop Elementary School in Beachwood, Ohio won this year’s grand prize with their video submission.

    The theme of this year’s contest was Recycle to Rebuild. Theme centered on how many important parts of America’s infrastructure – in particular, roads and highways – were built close to 50 years ago and are beginning to show signs of wear-and-tear. As lawmakers are debating spending packages to rebuild the infrastructure, students were asked to imagine how recycled material could be used in these efforts. Students needed to apply the knowledge, ideas and skills gained from science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), to research, imagine, prototype and test ways that we could use recycled materials to help rebuild our infrastructure. Then create an original video or poster that tells the story of their “recycle to rebuild” solution, and how they thought of it and tested it.

    Kasliwal and Hardis’ video submission describes in detail how recycled plastic can be used to build new roads. It describes the process in which plastic, how it can be incorporated in the roads, and the environmental benefits that would result. Throughout the video, it is clear the students did a significant amount of research on both how recycling works and the many benefits it provides.

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